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David Kreider
443 Lee Avenue
Harrisonburg, Virginia
22802 USA


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KreiderArt Gallery of Arts in Woodburning and Pyrography

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Hello Mr. David Kreider, My name is Cindee and I too am a fellow pyrographer. I would follow my grandfather out to his garage when I was about seven or eight and be under foot. So, he would sit me up on the stool at the work bench with a piece of scrap plywood and his old HUGE soldering iron. He showed me how to draw with it and that was all there was. When I got older I found out that there was actually a REAL woodburning tool and did my first piece of real work at fifteen. I was in a gallery in my early twenties. But, from a car accident I had at sixteen in 1975, I was spending a lot of time in the hospital. I have had 39 surgeries in the last 26 years. Anyway my hobby fell to the wayside while I was being re-wired, un-wired and having internal organs switched around or removed. In 1996 I finally had to give up working full time, then working all together, and went on total disability. I came to Florida and found a nice piece of wooded land fenced in for all my dogs and here I am. I am, after three more years of surgeries and recuperating, getting back into my hobbies, thank goodness. I just love your work. I have only met a few REAL Pyro's in my life...so congratulations on making this your career. It's such a blessing to enjoy what you do, don't you think?.. to have all this inspiration inside of us. You have beautiful depth, and the colors you choose are so dynamic. I want to thank you for a great website also. I don't sleep much because I am either burning, painting, or, now with computers, spending time exploring my hobbies. Sometimes I spend too much time here. But, then I would not have discovered neat talented people like yourself. Thanks again, and may you walk an exciting path. Sincerely,
MissCindee <MissCindee22159@CS.com>
Hudson, Florida - Friday, April 26, 2002 at 17:00:56 (EDT)
Thankyou for appearing on HGTV, and I hope you can do that again! I have been looking at art all my long life and your compositions are the best I've seen. I so enjoyed your gallery, your work has moved me. I lived in Crete when I was a teenager and will never forget the experience. It profoundly changed my life forever. Continue your work, we need an artist like you with your vision during these times. God bless you.
Laure Mittelholz
Scottsdale, AZ - Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 23:06:09 (EDT)
Please know, it was a pleasure for me to come home to watch my taped show.. Your work is so powerful and the emotions so strong.. I will be on sabbatical from my job as a school counselor this fall, and think this would be a wonderful way to spend some time. I am especially interested in knowing how to transform a child's photograph into a canvas for pyrography..and would be interested in any resources you think could help me. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us.
Diane Serafin <dserafin@indians.k12.pa.us>
- Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 11:28:58 (EDT)
Saw your work on Carol Duvall's program today. It is absolutely beautiful. Really unbelievable what you do with woodburning. You have a lovely talent. I would love to see some of the originals. Are they ever at galleries in Los Angeles or near there?
Joyce Scott <JoyceNolan@aol.com>
Woodland Hills, Ca. - Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 00:28:01 (EDT)
Saw the Carol Duvall show today and man, was I blown out of the water by the exquisite artwork.. Absolutely stunning!
Lyman Latham <wibbwebb@yahoo.com>
Tupelo, MS, USA - Monday, April 15, 2002 at 22:02:36 (EDT)
I enjoyed your demonstration on the Carol Duvall Show. I am a beginning fine arts painter. I've done seascapes, landscapes and am now taking a portrait class. I am very interested in learning your art. Is there anyone in the Los Angeles, California area that teaches pyrography? Or is there an instruction book?
Gigi Rivera <Caribcowgirl2001@yahoo.com>
Valencia, California - Monday, April 15, 2002 at 16:59:53 (EDT)
I caught you on the Carol Duvall show this morning and had to find out more.. the work is incredible. I will surely be saving my pennies and your art is on my 'wish list'. Thank you
J.Neves <dabratneves@aol.com>
Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA - Monday, April 15, 2002 at 16:33:30 (EDT)
This site is wonderful, you are very talented.
Cheryl Shaver <cheryl7443211@yahoo.com>
eufaula, ok - Monday, April 15, 2002 at 10:02:23 (EDT)
Saw your work on the Carol Duvall Show, it's beautiful!
Joyce M. Smith <AJAAS2@aol.com>
Fort Meade, Maryland - Monday, April 15, 2002 at 10:01:17 (EDT)
This brought back wonderful memories of woodburning as a child. God has placed within you a talent that you have taken from the ordinary to the "more excellent way".. may God bless you..
Karen K. Contreras <karen32950@aol.com>
Fontana, CA - Monday, April 15, 2002 at 09:33:28 (EDT)
I enjoyed your art work. I am a pyrographic artist myself and really was amazed at your use of color! Thank You....
William Holt <bill_holt@pottertrucking.com>
Hugoton, Kansas - Tuesday, April 09, 2002 at 09:57:46 (EDT)
Beautiful work David! Hope to see more of it in the near future.
David A. Monk <morfius@ameritech.net>
Detroit, Michigan - Thursday, April 04, 2002 at 09:33:54 (EST)
Tonight, for the first time, I visited your website. I've recently become interested in woodburning, and had no idea that it could be so beautiful and so profound. I've always considered myself rich - not rich in a monetary way - but rather due to my Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren. However, tonight was one of the few times I've wished I was indeed wealthy in other ways. If I were, I would be proud to hang many of your breathtaking works in my home.
Jeanne McIntyre <Granni001@cs.com >
- Monday, March 02, 2002 at 22:25:26 (EST)
It is obvious you have a deep love for God and all that he has created, and understand and accept the trials of life that shape us.. Your creations and soul are beautiful.. God bless you!
Nila <nree@lcc.net>
9/30/01 12:09:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time
I saw your artwork yesterday on TV. - I sat there with my eyes wide, not breathing..it was so unbelievably beautiful, I had tears in my eyes. Yours is absolutely exquisite work. Absolutely stunning. You truly have a gift and we are fortunate to be able to share it. Now I have to choose... first I have to breathe.
Cynthia Williams, DC <drcindyw@aol.com>
Grand Terrace, CA USA - Friday, August 24, 2001 at 13:18:03 (EDT)
The Lord has certainly used you to express the beauty in His heart.. I can feel His presence when I look at the pictures He has given you. The portraits seem to see into the very soul and spirit of each one!
Pattie Hatley <patsuehat@msn.com>
corpus christi, Tx USA - Saturday, August 24, 2001 at 12:01:01 (EDT)
David--your work is incredible! I love your images of people and cultures. I want to get one of those for my counseling office, as I see kids and adults there from many different cultures. I also really like your Mother Love picture and the verses you chose for it that use feminine imagery for God. And, your poetry is beautiful...especially "the Gift". You are gifted--God bless you in your work!
Jeanne Williams <jeanne.williams@ivillage.com>
Denver, CO USA - Tuesday, July 10, 2001 at 12:03:16 (EDT)
Ever since I bought Winter in Blue, I have visited your site often. Your work has such a spiritual depth about it that I wish I had more! I just purchased a print and selected the text I want for my sister. Thankyou again, for sharing your gift!
Terri Meyer <meyerthe@us.ibm.com>
Boyds, md USA - Monday, May 07, 2001 at 10:12:00 (EDT)
David, I just stopped by here for the first time and I must say that I am FLOORED! I have been burning for nearly ten years now and I have NEVER seen what was truely possible until I have seen your work. You have given me a whole new level to try and reach. I would give anything to just watch you work for 30 minutes. Please keep up the wonderful work. I know I will be back to visit many more times. Thanks, Aaron
Aaron Holifield <JustACarpetMedic@aol.com>
Wichita, KS USA - Thursday, March 08, 2001 at 18:07:18 (EST)
David: Thank you so much...let me say that your work is breathtaking! I, along with a zillion other people I guess, saw your work on the Carol Duvall show which I watch faithfully. She always has beautiful, innovative artists on but every now and then magic happens and something exquisite appears. Your work fits in that category and I hope to purchase more in the future. Thanks again. Sometime this spring I hope to be able to get over the mountain to see your other work if that's possible.
Linda Hess, rihess@mindspring.com
Charlottesville, VA - January 19, 2000
David, the detail, coloring and shading that you achieve are absolutely remarkable, and to think of it being done in woodburning makes it even more amazing. I so admire your work and hope to purchase some of it some day. I really do not know how artists like you can part with such masterpieces, but I am glad you are willing to share them with the rest of us who do not have your talent. I hope to meet you some day and shake your hand, and speak to you personally. You are incredible.
ARLINGTON, WA USA - Monday, January 15, 2001 at 13:10:49 (EST)
David, I've just had the pleasure of seeing your work again. As you may know, you have been the topic of the Uniting Pyrographers E-Group. You have truly inspired many of us to go to the "next level". Thank you for all that you have done! By showing your work to such a large audience, you have planted a big seed of credibility for the medium in the world of Fine Art. Best wishes your continued success, and thank you for sharing your talents.
Rich Chin <rechin@ptd.net>
Mountaintop, PA USA - Sunday, January 14, 2001 at 08:01:34 (EST)
Your works are almost unbelievable, I just shook my head in awe that you could make something so beautiful from burning wood. Your Iris, St.Francis, and Mother Teresa works touch a special part of my heart as my brother who had many, many of your similarities passed away a few years ago, and just seeing your works brought back all kinds of feelings. Keep up your totally awesome work. I know my family will cherish the pieces I have ordered. mary ellen
mary ellen <maryellen92@home.com>
irvine, ca USA - Saturday, January 13, 2001 at 19:30:06 (EST)
I'm sure you'd rather hear from collectors, and if I had the wherewithal I'd certainly be one, but I'm nevertheless moved to say that your work is an inspiration. My wife tapes the Carol Duvall Show, and I normally watch with half an interest, but your segment hit me hard. I've monkeyed around with drawing and painting all my life without having the confidence to give it a serious try, and two of the things I admire the most are good drawing and innovation. Your pyrography technique is a superior example of both, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since I saw the segment. Many thanks.
Scott Jones <dardo@mediaone.net>
Bellflower, Ca USA - Tuesday, January 09, 2001 at 23:51:38 (EST)
I am currently pursuing a degree in fine art and had hit a creative wall, until today. I caught your piece on the Carol Duvall show and was awe struck! Viewing your work has sparked that creative flame within and I am crazy with anticipation to get started again. You've truly re-inspired me!
Dee Shirley <DeePhoenix@aol.com>
Alexandria, VA USA - Tuesday, January 09, 2001 at 01:10:19 (EST)
Your work is beautiful, and I feel so fortunate to have seen it. I lived in Morocco for several years as a child -- images and memories I've carried with me that will last forever you've brought back so beautifully. Thank you!
Karen Curran <karenecurran@yahoo.com>
Rochester, NY USA - Monday, January 08, 2001 at 23:21:30 (EST)
I have to say you are the most talented artist! What you have done has opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities for this type of art, and has given me the yearning to learn more and to express my feelings in such a theraputic way: woodburning! Hopefully one day I will get to see some of your work right in front of me. I think having a piece of YOUR art would inspire me to take things to a whole other level. I am quite serious when I say you are an inspiration and a true role model for me! Thank you.
Jennifer Andrews <BabyBlueEyez312@webtv.net>
North Attleboro, MA USA - Monday, January 08, 2001 at 15:01:09 (EST)
Your work is the most beautiful that I have seen in a long time. I was fortunate to see it in person at the Greek Festival. When I finish PA School here, I want the Faces of Men, Women, and Children for my office. You have the ability to make these faces REAL. I love looking for stories on the faces of people. Thanks for the awesome work you do!
Debra Clark <declark@wfubmc.edu>
Winston Salem, NC USA - Sunday, May 21, 2000 at 01:12:44 (EDT)
David- I love your work and have 4 pieces. I would love many more. My guests always comment on the realistic quality and beauty that you create. What an inspiration you've been. Hope to see you again soon. Many Blessings to you and your family.
Connie Hugya <cehugya@hotmail.com>
Mitchellville, MD USA - Sunday, April 16, 2000 at 00:18:39 (EDT)
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